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wheat bag heaven

Pastel abstract cotton wheat bag, with or without lavender. Hot cold compress

Pastel abstract cotton wheat bag, with or without lavender. Hot cold compress

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Cotton wheat bags with or without lavender in a lovely pastel abstract pattern. A practical and useful home essential for when you need a source of heat to ease painful joints or backs. Alternatively you can use from the freezer as a cold compress on swelling or to cool down in the summer months. Great for young and old alike to take time to relax and unwind after a busy day or stressful event. Size approx. 47x12cm

we have different options in this fabric where by you can now purchase a wheat bag with removable cover for washing, or fixed cover and we have matching eye pillows for a full self care experience. These are filled with flaxseed and perfectly weighted to caress the contours of the face aiding relief to tired eyes, blocking out the light. Keep one in the freezer for headache sufferers or in your gym bag for yoga meditation, so many beneficial uses. Size approx. 20x10cm

If your looking for a wheat bag with a removable cover or just a new cover case for a wheat bag you already own and fancy a chance, check out our new fabrics now available in store size approx. 50x15cm

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Cotton Fabric, Whole wheat, Lavender buds

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Approx. 47cm x 12cm

Care Instructions

We want you to get the best from your purchase, so have set out some care and safety steps.

  • Always use a clean microwave with a freely rotating turntable.
  • Never overheat your wheat bag, heat for a MINUTE then remove from the microwave and shake up the contents to disperse the wheat and heat, then continue to heat for given times (no more than 2 minutes).
  • Do Not use if your bag shows any signs of damage, burning or charring. It’s time to replace.
  • Never reheat a warm wheat bag, always allow it to cool completely between uses.
  • Do Not allow your wheat bag to dry out as this could lead to burning or at worst a fire.

So periodically you will need to re-hydrate the wheat in your bag. This is simply done by heating your wheat bag alongside a cup of boiling water, following the heating instructions.

  • Always check its heat level before use or giving to children/elderly to avoid burns. 
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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