Frequently asked Questions

How long do I microwave a wheat bag?

It is important to always follow the guidelines that come with your wheat bag and purchase from a reputable company, these are what WheatBagHeaven recommend:-

Always use a clean microwave with a freely rotating table to heat your wheat bag and don't leave your microwave unattended in the heating process.

Different power level microwaves require different heating times!

500w - 750w     heat for a max of 2 minutes

750w - 1000w   heat for a max of 1.5 minutes

It is important to take your wheat bag out after a minute and shake so as to disperse the wheat and heat to avoid any hot spots and helps to prolong the life of your bag. Don't overheat your wheat bag and allow it to completely cool between use. As this is a natural product it may feel damp when first heated. 

How do I re-hydrate my wheat bag?

If you are using your wheat bag regularly it is important to re-hydrate the wheat now and again, this helps to prevent charring, over cooked odour and burning. This is easily done by adding a cup of boiling water when you are heating up your wheat bag in the microwave for the required time.

How long do wheat bags last?

If you take care of your wheat bag, there is no reason that it won't last. The scent will fade over time but this can be easily remedied by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil after heating. Once heated you can expect 15 -20 minutes of therapeutic heat and will provide warmth for around 45 minutes. If it starts to smell a bit burnt then its time to re-hydrate.

Why choose a wheat bag?

There are lots of types of heat sources in the market place to choose from, but choosing a natural product like a wheat bag is a great practical choice. A self care essential providing a source of heat to soothe and comfort in the form of natural pain relief. Also use as a cold compress to ease swelling, bruising and sprains or through the months of menopausal flushes and heat waves.