Our Story, Our Wheat Bags

I’m Heather, the founder of 'WheatBagHeaven' established in 2020. After many years working in the skincare business, I found a niche in the market. I had many friends and family asking for help with ailments they or their family were suffering, I made up treatment oils using blends of essential oils, this grow until I decided to launch 'Pulse Point Oils' where many more people could benefit and enjoy the wonders on offer from Mother Nature. I introduced natural soy candles to the range, then wheat bags and eye pillows.

As the business grew and more people wanting wheat bags, I decided to give them their own identity, so 'WheatBagHeaven' was founded and has grown

Square logo for WheatBagHeaven
strength to strength. We have improved on our fabric choices and sizing over the last year and now offer each of our wheat bags with the added benefits of lavender, as this seems to be the preferred choice of our customers. In the future, we hope to develop new herb blends to add to our wheat bags to enhance their use and your wellbeing.

All our wheat bags and eye pillows are handmade in small numbers and the fabric sourced as locally as possible. We have an ever-changing range of beautiful fabrics to make sure there’s a wheat bag for everyone. Lavender wheat bags and eye pillows are perfect for wellness and wellbeing, relaxation and meditation.

At the end of a long day at work, gym session or toiling in the garden, just pop in the microwave and heat for 1 min, take out and shake to disperse the heat and wheat to avoid hot spots then continue heating as directed (2 mins in total). Let the warmth and lavender fragrance ease away the day's stress and strains and soothe those aching limbs.

Use your natural wheat bags as a safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle for natural pain relief on backs, shoulders, neck, knees, feet, wherever you need soothing. Alternatively, use from the freezer as a cold compress to help reduce swelling and sprains, and really help through the summer months to keep you cool and beneficial if you’re menopausal with hot flushes and sweats.