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Children’s wheat heat pad. Lavender scented, long cotton wheat bag, snuggles, sleep and wellness gift. Easter bunny

Children’s wheat heat pad. Lavender scented, long cotton wheat bag, snuggles, sleep and wellness gift. Easter bunny

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A wheat bag hug scented with lavender is the perfect way to calm your child's soul when they're feeling tired out or frustrated! Snuggle comforter: lovely therapeutic cotton heat pad with a bunny design, filled with soothing scents and soft warmth to help ease their stress. This unique hug has the ability to make someone feel rejuvenated and relaxed, whether it's after an exhausting day at school or when they're sick and need a little extra help.

• Lavender has calming properties that are known to help reduce stress and tension
• The wheat bag hugs provide a source of warmth, relieving pain while acting as a natural sleep aid
• Regular use can help improve overall wellbeing, providing feelings of security and comfort
• Wheat bags have the versatility to be used on any part of the body for targeted relief where its needed the most.

Size approx. 46cm x 12cm

Ensure microwave is clean. For power setting 500w - 750w heat for 90 seconds and for 750w - 1000w heat for one minute at a time, shake up to disperse heat and wheat (up to 2 minutes max). To check that the temperature is not too hot, hold against the wrist or elbow for 10 seconds prior to use. As this is a natural product, it may feel damp when first heated.

If using regularly you may need to re-hydrate the wheat in your bag, to do this, heat a cup of water in the microwave to boiling point to create steam. Then place your wheat bag next to the cup and heat for the required time.

To keep your wheat bag looking its best, surface clean only, DO NOT machine or hand wash. If worn or torn, please discard safely.
CAUTION: Do not exceed heating times, let it cool to room temperature before re-heating. If you have any doubts about using this product, please consult your doctor. Do not leave unattended with children under 36 months. Never leave heated product in a cot with a sleeping child.

Your wheat bag will be wrapped in tissue with coloured raffia and sent with full instructions for use, or alternatively have it gift wrapped, add a card with your message and send direct, this option is available at checkout.

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Cotton Fabric, Whole wheat, Lavender buds

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Approx. 47cm x 12cm

Care Instructions

We want you to get the best from your purchase, so have set out some care and safety steps.

  • Always use a clean microwave with a freely rotating turntable.
  • Never overheat your wheat bag, heat for a MINUTE then remove from the microwave and shake up the contents to disperse the wheat and heat, then continue to heat for given times (no more than 2 minutes).
  • Do Not use if your bag shows any signs of damage, burning or charring. It’s time to replace.
  • Never reheat a warm wheat bag, always allow it to cool completely between uses.
  • Do Not allow your wheat bag to dry out as this could lead to burning or at worst a fire.

So periodically you will need to re-hydrate the wheat in your bag. This is simply done by heating your wheat bag alongside a cup of boiling water, following the heating instructions.

  • Always check its heat level before use or giving to children/elderly to avoid burns. 
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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