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Men’s wheat bags. Soothing heat pads for natural pain relief on back, shoulders and neck.

Somerset wheat bags with lavender flower in a great range of cotton fabrics suitable for him. Use as they are, warmed or as a cold compress from the freezer to naturally soothe and ease those general aches and pains or just to help you relax at the end of a stressful day. Ready to post with fast dispatch and free UK shipping from WheatBagHeaven



Women’s natural microwaveable wheat bags with lavender made in the UK

Lavender scented wheat bags for her, a range of beautiful florals and abstract patterns to enjoy soothing relaxation time. Great for new mum's self care between feeds, mum’s birthday or special occasion. Use as they are, warmed in the microwave or cooled from the freezer. Great to help ease those general aches and pains naturally. An all year round essential for wellbeing.



Children’s cotton wheat bag collection. Comforter for effective natural pain relief, calm, warmth and relaxation

Lavender scented wheat bags, cotton fabric collection perfect for children and the younger members of the family. Great bedtime comforter to help calm and relax before sleep and an ideal source of heat for sofa snuggles and down time at the end of the school day.
Size approx. 46x12cm

Each wheat bag comes tissue wrapped with care/use instructions and can be sent directly with your gift message. 

Abstract Prints


Abstract printed natural wheat bags for pain relief and relaxation from wheatbagheaven

Lovely abstract patterned quality cotton wheat bags with Somerset wheat and therapeutic lavender flower for calm and relaxation. Microwave or freeze to enjoy the holistic benefits on aching limbs and joints all year through. Re-usable and eco-friendly practical gift ideas

Floral & Botanicals


Floral and Botanical printed lavender scented wheat bags

Beautiful florals and botanical printed cotton long wheat bags with the added benefits of lavender flower. Prints for both male and females. Non-invasive natural relief from pain and stiffness in joints and muscles, filled with Somerset wheat and English lavender, the individual grains have a unique cellular structure to enable quick heating and slow release  or use from the freezer as a cold compress to reduce swelling and infla

Animals & Insects


Animals and insect cotton fabric lavender scented wheat bags, heatable solutions for young and old

Animal/insect printed lavender scented wheat bags, suitable for anyone over 36 months. Use to ease and soothe the symptoms of illness and pain or as a relaxing comforting heat pack to help with sleep, stress, and relaxation. Practical all year round hot/cold reusable compress. Handmade in Somerset @WheatBagHeaven size approx. 47x12cm, each comes wrapped in tissue paper with care and use instructions.

Eye Pillows

Cotton Eye Pillows filled with Flax seed and a pinch of lavender.

Perfectly weighted to caress the contours of your face blocking out the light and relieving the day's stress. Use warmed for dry eye symptoms and relaxation or from the freezer to ease a headache or reduce swelling and bruising. Size approx 20x9cm