The importance of relaxation

The importance of relaxation

With the world moving at an incredible speed and us all trying to keep up or ahead of it, it takes its toll on our wellbeing, so what can we do about it?

Try a Wheat Bag!

Our wheat heat bags from are incredibly versatile making it an indispensable addition to your self care routine. Use it as a heat pack to ease cramps, joint pain, muscular spasm, tension and stress. Alternatively, you can chill it in the freezer to create a cooling compress for soothing inflammation, swelling and sprains, easing menopausal symptoms or just as a cooking aid through the hot summer months. Take it with you wherever you go, thus ensuring comfort and relaxation are always within reach

Smart Design:- We use Cotton fabric with beautiful prints, something to suit all family members. Our wheat bags are long enough to go around the neck to heat or cool the areas that need it most. Each lavender wheat bag is double stitched on the seams to prevent small grain loss and for your peace of mind. See all our lavender wheat bags, colours, and prints available, visit or follow us on the socials Facebook and Instagram @wheatbagheaven

Pain Relief:- WheatBagHeaven’s versatile heating bags will quickly become your go to solution for neck, shoulder, muscle strain, soreness and tension caused by everyday life. Simply pop one in the microwave all in the freezer for the best hot or cold therapy pack for your aching body.

Therapeutic:- Once your wheat bag is safely heated in the microwave, instantly place it on your neck for pain relief. Each wheat pack holds heat for approximately 35 minutes, maximising your relief for fast effective recovery.

Comfort:- Each of our wheat heat packs are filled with fresh Somerset whole wheat grain to efficiently hold in heat and ensure a flexible fit around your target areas. You feel better in practically no time at all.

Great Gift Idea:- Forget heat patches and gel packs or ice cubes melting through ragged towels, our soothing wheat bags handle hot and cold treatment with ease. Pop one in the microwave for a quick heating or place one in the freezer to chill for fast relief and comfort. It’s perfect for muscle aches, joint pain, tummy upsets and backache so give one a try today! Your wheat bag will come wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon or you can opt for our gift wrapping service, add a gift message and send direct with free UK shipping. 

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