Are wheat bags safe for children?

Are wheat bags safe for children?

Wheat bags are a great idea for children over the age of 36 months and are a great natural and safe product to use when your child is feeling unwell. Buy from a reputable company and always follow the heating guide supplied with your wheat bag. As a general rule for microwave power 500w - 750w heat for 2 minutes and for 750w - 1000w heat for 1.5 minutes, always remove after a minute to shake your wheat bag to disperse wheat and heat to avoid hot spots. Always check the temperature before giving to a child and use over the top of clothing, never leave unattended with children under 36 months or in a cot with a sleeping child.

child's comforting wheat bag helps to relax and ease tummy ache pain

Perfect for:-

  • tummy ache
  • tooth ache
  • back ache
  • get well soon gift
  • body warmer
  • heat pad
  • snuggles
  • story time
  • sleep aid

With a great range available across the internet and shops, they come in all shapes and sizes and there's something for all. 

They are a great source of warmth and are perfect to help soothe, comfort and ease those niggling aches and pains. Some have the added benefit of herbal lavender and can really help to calm mood and aid relaxation, so work really well especially through the winter months at the end of the school day. Sofa snuggles, bedtime story time are ideal times to use them.

So why not give them a go?

WheatBagHeaven x

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